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Arlene shares one of her family favorites in this pancake mix. Available in Buttermilk Mix.

Sorry, Ranch Wheat Mix is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!.
These biscuit and bread mixes go well with our great ND honey or variety of jams and jellies.  Available mixes: Hey Cowboy Biscuits or Ranch Bread.
Mable brings home cooked goodness to all her mixes. Try her great Featherlight Pancake Mix. The mix can also be used to make waffles or crepes.
Gourmet Coating
our price: $7.95
Looking for a good gluten-free recipe for the perfect coating for your fish, shrimp, chicken, onion rings, potatoes, vegetables, or burgers? Look no further! Dakota Lakes Gourmet Coating is the perfect blend of flour, savory spices, and herbs for use in many dishes and meal options.
Enjoy these four varieties of Bread Mixes: Toasted Onion, Pioneer, Bonanza Herb, Country Cheese.

Add a can of beer, mix and bake.

The Pioneer Bread tastes like sourdough, the Country Cheese is great with Chili, the Toasted Onion goes well with a potroast meal and the Bonanza Herb is great with spaghetti. Of course, all of them are great with any soups!
Mable brings home cooked goodness to all her mixes. Choose from these two flavors of scone mixes: Apricot White Chocolate Chip Walnut or Toffee Chocolate Chip Walnut.