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Meat Rubs - Thunderbird Ranch
Our meat rubs/marinades enhance the natural flavors of your favorite meat selections. Just match one of the following rubs to complement your favorite variety of meat. Flavors available in 1 oz packet for $4.50: Dacotah Jerk Rub, Prime Rib Rub, Roasted Chipotle Rub, or Sriracha Blackened Rub. Also available in 4 oz bottle for $10.95: Roasted Chipotle Rub or Sriracha Blackened Rub
Dakota Style Spices - North Prairie Signature
These 2.5 oz seasonings spice up steaks, burgers, chops, veggies, and pasta. Choose from Dakota Style Gourmet Blend, Dakota Style Seasonings, Dakota Style Confetti Pepper Medley, Dakota Style Garlic Pepper, Dakota Style Prairie Spice, or Dakota Style Spicy Garlic.
Gourmet Coating
Gourmet Coating
our price: $7.95
Looking for a good gluten-free recipe for the perfect coating for your fish, shrimp, chicken, onion rings, potatoes, vegetables, or burgers? Look no further! Dakota Lakes Gourmet Coating is the perfect blend of flour, savory spices, and herbs for use in many dishes and meal options.
Meat Man's Rub - DeMars
Meat Man's Rub - DeMars
our price: $8.95
Another great DeMars Foods product is the 3.5 oz Meat Man's Rub. These dry rubs enhance ribs, drummies, steaks, salmon and chicken. Available in: Apple, Hickory, and Charged Hickory.