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Lotion - A Touch of Honey

Hand and Body Lotions from A Touch of Honey all have that special touch of honey that leave your skin silky soft and smooth and never greasy. They work well for men, women, and children.

These lotions are amazing for:
-Painful cracked finger tips
-Dry overworked hands

Available in 8 oz bottle and the following scents: Unscented, Milk and Honey, Vanilla Bean, Citrus Awakening, Riceflower and Shea, Moonlight Path.
Emu Oil - Vitality Emu Oil Based Products
Emu oil to moisturize and improve skin conditions, also to soothe muscle and joint pain.  Emu Oil is anti-bacterial and can be used on minor cuts, burns and wounds. It does not clog pores, it moisturizes, reduced fine line and wrinkles and improves blemishes for facial skin. Pure Emu Oil is hypoallergenic, it can be used by skin sensitive people and babies.  Comes in 1 oz bottle.
Hand & Body Lotion - 8oz - Vitality Emu Oil Based Products
Emu oil based hand & body lotion to moisturize and improve skin conditions.
Emu Face Moisturizer - Vitality Emu Oil Based Products
Vitality Facial Moisturizer is designed to restore the natural resiliency and elasticity of facial skin. Vitality Facial Moisturizer contains All Natural Pure Emu Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.
Pain Formula Joint & Muscle Rub - 4oz - Vitality Emu Oil Based Products
Joint & Muscle Rub is made with Pure Emu Oil, Menthol, MSM, and Willow Bark – power packed ingredients for all sore muscles and joint conditions.