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Dip & Cheese Ball Mixes - Thunderbird Ranch
You will savor the ultimate blends of herbs and spices in our dip and cheese ball mixes. These flavor favorites are a hit at special gatherings or on your own kitchen table. The flavorful fruit dip/cheese ball mixes are a refreshing addition to any snack or meal. Serve them with fresh fruit, bagels, muffins, pancakes, graham crackers or cookies!
Choose from: Blazin' Prairie Dip Mix, Blue Cheese Dip & Cheese Ball Mix, Blueberry Fruit Dip Mix, Cajun Dip & Cheese Ball Mix, Country Ranch Cheese Ball Mix, Dilly-Up Dip & Cheese Ball Mix, Garlic & Chive Dip & Cheese Ball Mix, Lemon Chiffon Fruit Dip Mix, Prairie Berry Fruit Dip Mix, Ranch Dressing Dip Mix, Smoken' Cheddar Dip & Cheese Ball Mix, Smokey Bacon Dip & Cheese Ball Mix, Spinach Dip Mix, Strawberry Fruit Dip & Cheese Ball Mix, and Wild Horseradish Dip Mix
Chokecherry Mustard - Dakota Signature
Homemade with North Dakota chokecherries and mustard.  Available in 4 oz jar.
Dip & Spread Mixes - Dakota Seasonings
Dakota Seasonings' gourmet dip mixes and spread mixes are perfect for formal parties and casual get-togethers alike. These tasty recipes blend with cream cheese, sour cream, mayo and yogurt to bring your party table to life, Available in: Dill Dip Mix, Spinach Dip Mix, Creamy Fiesta Dip Mix, Green Onion & Garlic Dip Mix, Bacon Chili Cheese Dip Mix, German Potato Salad Mix, Sun Dried Tomato Dip Mix, Sun Dried Tomato Spread Mix, and Bread Stuffing Seasoning & Mix ($5.95).
Irish Mustard - DeMars
Irish Mustard - DeMars
our price: $4.95
Our most popular DeMars' product is the 8 oz Irish Mustard. It has a sweet taste that makes pretzels, brats, hot dogs and even potato salad something special!
Sweet & Hot Pepper Relish - North Prairie Signature
The Sweet & Hot Pepper Relish is a best seller, and works great on hot dogs, brats, salads, or with cream cheese as a dip. Comes in 8 oz jar.
Sweet Tomato Relish - North Prairie Signature
The 12 oz Sweet Tomato Relish works good with crackers, chips, with cream cheese on baked potatoes, etc.
Sweet Hot Mustard - Bonnie's Country Classics
An absolutely perfect combination of sweet and hot create the savory taste found in Bonnie's Country Classic Sweet Hot Mustard.  Delicious as a spread on sandwiches or a quick solution to leftovers, this mustard takes ordinary flavor to the next level.
Barbecue Sauce - Bonnie's Country Classics
Bonnie's Barbecue sauces, available in 14 oz jars, are perfect on ribs, chops, sausage, chicken, and more. Varieties available: Tex Mex or Original.

Original BBQ Sauce: The full-flavored taste of this BBQ sauce will enhance any meal with it's unique and tangy flavor.
Tex Mex BBQ Sauce: See what a little spice and a whole lot of southern hospitality adds to your favorite meal.

The Fruity BBQ Sauce pictured is no longer available.
Salsa- Bonnie's Country Classics
Bonnie's Salsas are made from old family recipes. Peach Corn Salsa is good with chicken and makes a great dip alone or with cream cheese.  Black Bean Salsa makes a great dip that will disappear in minutes - spread 8 oz cream cheese in a pan, top with jar of black bean salsa and shredded cheddar cheese, bake for 20 min and dip with corn chips or your favorite tortilla chips or crackers.
Apple Horseradish - Dakota Slim Sauces
This apple horseradish is made in North Dakota by Gary Jordheim but is known all over the world.  After years of experimenting it has a variety of flavors in its personality that stand out when used with different meats or added to dips or as a sandwich spread. This 8 oz jar has a lot of WOW!!